Nitromethane_structure.svgHey There,

We’re in the “Go Fast and Get Some Attention” business…

2017 Advertising Sponsor Positions are available to get your message moving!

From energy drinks to equipment accessories, tents and tools… We create valuable marketing packages involving Crew and Car.  Our ability to promote quality products, goods and services including important public awareness campaigns, specialized learning and team building educational programs is wide open to new ideas and out of the box thinking.

Book an Appearance: the Car, Crew and Driver are available for Show and Shines, Retail Promotions, Film, Music Video and other Advertising or Meet and Greet Opportunities.

Product Endorsements: The Fuel Altered Race Cars offer exciting Brand Building Opportunities – Dave and his Team enjoy communicating to the public the quality and reliability of the products they use.  Contact Mirror Pond Creative for Advertising Sponsor Rates and Support.

Support the Fan Club: This is a simple and inexpensive way to connect with people who may be interested in your product or service. Our Fan Club is Free! Members can Enter to Win a day at the races, gain access to VIP seating, receive valuable sponsor coupons and more…

Nitro Brothers Factoid #21: Did you know the Flash Point of Nitro-Methane 95°F (35°C) ?  Hey! The average humans body Temperature is 98.6°F (37°C). Wow! That’s Right.

So hey, if you’re thinking about clapping your hands around this stuff we suggest that behavior be 100px-Nitromethane-3D-vdWreserved for the grand stand seating area 🙂 

Pictured here is what the chemical formula looks like. To make the car go, We use a “Blower” to rapidly compress and force feed the fuel air mixture into our 511 cubic inch V-8.

This cut-away view shows how the Cars “Blower” works:gear-pump-animation-6The drive belt spins a propeller pump to maximize the amount of ready combustible fuel supply that is being fed into the engines intake manifold which is the pathway leading to the pistons. When the intake valves open the pressurized fuel gets pushed or “blown” into the cylinder(s).


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