Hot Rods by Dave

Hey there Motorheads,  here are a few pictures related to that Facebook update Dave released last week of a Custom Hand-built (replica) high horsepower 34 Ford Hiboy.


You don’t get this type of Roadster without knowing a great deal about what you are doing and the process is something to observe.  The effort takes place over a long period of time and a great deal of contemplation is given to exactly how the finished product can be improved to better perform.

Hot Rod - Frame Jig_600pix

In this image shown above an adjustment was made to reposition the tail end of the frame rails.  Dave’s fine workmanship is visible in the welds and the frame features a very solid design respectful of the torque the engine will be sending to the rear wheels.

In the foreground of this photo,  we see the rear end hovering on a stand waiting for Dave to fabricate his suspension brackets and mounts.

34 Ford Hiboy (700pix) Sept 27 2018

Unique to this build… Dave is using is an authentic original front end radiator grill which makes this car part of the Past, Present and Future – by design.  Nice job.  Bravo Dave!

Got questions about this post – give us a call or send a text message to Burke @ 604.442.3714


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