Nitro Mountain Sunday

Here we take a car driver side look at Dave O’Hara’s 511ci V8 Race Ready Hemi Topolino. IMG_2714 (400 Pix)The engine is frequently in and out between events.
511 Engine on the stand
Then with a little imagination and the engine out of the car chassis why not put the big block in the boat and go for a run on the lake…
511 mounted in Boat
Upon arrival to the lake shore, it was determined there wasn’t enough water this late in the year to navigate a safe run in the boat so the 511 had to go back into the Car for it’s visit to Lillooet, BC as it where on September 16th of 2018

511 in the Car for Lillooet 2018 Dave explains that the recent fender flair modifications where done to help reduce burn out smoke from filling the cockpit and getting in front of the car.

2018_Sep16 Lillooet Burnout (600 pix)Sure a picture says a thousand words…
But we recommend you Follow this Link to view 30 seconds of video.
Video Clip Set up
Lillooet Crew 1 (600Pix)
Lillooet Crew 2
Lillooet Crew 3 (600Pix)Thanks to the crew for making this day happen.
Maybe next year we can do the lake and take the boat for a run.

511 Scorpion




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